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Dog & Pony - We Make Brands Entertaining

We're a marketing company that specializes in Challenger Brands.

What's a Challenger Brand? Brands and companies whose ambitions outweigh their available resources and are looking for ways to do more with less, making one dollar work like two.

Today it's all about connecting with consumers in new and engaging ways. It's ideas and innovation, not big budgets, that create a true competitive business advantage.



Dog & Pony launched two new TV spots for Service America, a home repair service company. The spots feature married couples dealing with home air-conditioners that have broken down during Florida's hottest time of the year. "Wives candidly admit that husbands say they are going to take care of repairs around the house....but unfortunately never do. We chose to highlight this insight in a humorous way with these TV spots," offers Julio Rodriguez, Dog & Pony's CEO.

In typical fashion, the husband in each TV spot is occupied with his own activities when the wife brings up the uncomfortable heat. The husbands pledge to fix the problem, with their trademark response of "I got it," but the solution isn't exactly what the wife expected. The spots continue with a call to action and position Service America as the expert solution to the problem.

"If there's one thing I can say about Dog and Pony, it's that you can always expect them to deliver consistently great creative work with sound consumer insight and smart business marketing strategies. There is no challenge we've posed to them where they haven't exceeded our expectation" states Service America Vice President and Director of Marketing and Sales, Jim Galo. You can watch the Dog & Pony Service America TV spots on Dog & Pony's YouTube channel.


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